FLUFF & FOLD- 99¢ per Pound

Our convenient Fluff & Fold service helps customers who don't have time to do their own laundry. Our Fluff & Fold Service includes wash, dry, fold and packaging for easy pick-up. Simply drop your laundry off at Clean Wave® and we'll handle the rest. Every bag is neatly folded and color coordinated. We hang all men's v-necks, polos and pants and all women's blouses, pants, skirts and dresses. Our turnaround time for Fluff & Fold is 24 hours. 

Fluff & Fold Policy

Store Credit may be issued for lost or damaged items tendered through our Fluff & Fold laundering service, pending that you (hereinafter referred to as “You”, “Your” or “The Customer”) has complied with providing Clean Wave®  and its employees a detailed list of each item, accompanied with the order at the time of drop off. This list must include, but is not limited to, the brand, style, color and size of each individual item in the order. The value of the store credit for Fluff & Fold services shall not exceed more than 10 times our charge for cleaning the order. If no list is provided at the time of drop off, Clean Wave® is not held responsible, and there will be no store credit or compensation of any form.

Clean LAundry®- Wash & Wave: 

WASH your clothes and WAVE as it goes through our ultra efficient laundry machines. We have washer capacities up to 100lbs, and dryers up to 75lbs, which drastically cut down your overall laundry time. We have 83 machines in Clean Wave®. Choose multiple washers and dryers or put all of your clothes into one of Clean Wave's® largest machine.

24 Hour laundromat- Ways to Pay:

1) Credit or Debit Card- There's a card reader attached to every machine.

2) Clean Wave® Smart Card- Transfer cash or EBT to your smart card and pay at the machine.