Top Five Thanksgiving Stain Removal Tips

It happened, your great aunt spilled red wine all over your lovely holiday tablecloth as she was reaching for the mashed potatoes. Don’t panic, Clean Wave™ Laundry is here to save the Thanksgiving holiday with our top Turkey Day stain removal tips! Read on for tried-and-true stain removal methods for table linens, expensive blouses, carpet and even drink ring marks on your coffee table!

Thanksgiving Stain #1: Spots on your new tablecloth
Unfortunately, atop the new Thanksgiving tablecloth is the first place spills will occur. And as we always say on Thoughts From The Wave, the first step in any stain removal action plan is to pretreat the stain before sending it to the wash at Clean Wave™. Grab your trusted stain removal spray or stick you purchased from the grocery store and apply it to the scene of the crime. Since removing the entire tablecloth while everyone is seated is not very realistic, the stain-fighting chemicals in the pretreatment can at least start working on the spot. Launder the Thanksgiving tablecloth as soon as possible. If the stain remains, launder again with a fabric safe bleach (use color-safe bleach if needed).

Thanksgiving Stain #2: Red wine on the white carpet
During the holidays, our wish is for everyone to feel jolly. Wine can help increase that jolly feeling, but it’s no fun when it ends up outside of someone’s glass. If wine ended up on your white carpet, or anywhere else involving fabric, the rule of thumb is to blot excess liquid immediately followed by applying some water to dilute the area, then blotting any excess liquid again. Spray the affected area with an upholstery cleaner if it’s your carpet or the couch, and use a stain-removal spray as mentioned above if it’s a piece of clothing. Take the stained piece of clothing to Clean Wave® Laundry in Fort Lauderdale as soon as possible! Remember, we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Thanksgiving Stain #3: Gravy all over your new blouse
Don’t be ashamed of the amount of savory gravy you pour over your mashed potatoes, we won’t judge! But we will if you don’t attack the stain right away and with the correct stain removal method! First, soak up the excess gravy with clean paper towels and blot the wet areas until it’s damp to the touch. Do not rub the area! This will only spread the stain. Next, apply a fabric stain removal spray or your stain-fighting laundry detergent to the area to dilute and sink into the clothing fibers. Take the gravy-stained article of clothing to Clean Wave™ Laundry as soon as possible and wash in the cold water setting. Repeat the stain removal product application and launder again if the stain did not lift after the first wash cycle.

Thanksgiving Stain #5: Drink rings on your wooden coffee table
You buy drink coasters for your tabletops but guests refuse to use them- every host’s nightmare. Although we don’t understand why guests seem to ignore the coasters we set out for them, at least we have a stain removal solution for the mess they create. Blot the water ring left behind with an absorbent cloth, then take a slightly damp cloth and wipe the area to help dissolve the stain. Wait an hour and if the marks still remain, take a non-gel toothpaste and gently rub it into the area with the grain. Then, wipe the area with a dry cloth and polish with a wood polisher as you normally would.

We hope these Thanksgiving stain removal tips add a little peace of mind to your holiday as you enjoy with family and friends. Remember, Clean Wave® Laundry is open on Thanksgiving Day as well as all other major U.S. holidays.

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