Learn How to Fight Common Stains on Kids Clothing

Summer break came and went and like many households across Fort Lauderdale, we’re preparing for back-to-school season by bringing you our top three laundry stain removal tips. So while you and your little ones enjoy the final days of summer vacation, take comfort in our list of best at-home laundry stain remover techniques their new school clothes will survive the inevitable grease and mud stains! Remember, the key to stain removal is to pre-treat as soon as possible. Try some of these techniques on your clothes before you head over to Clean Wave®.
Grease/Oil Stain
Look no further than your kitchen for the perfect grease and oil stain remover! Grease-fighting dish soap like Dawn breaks up grease on fabric just like your dishes. Squirt a small amount of soap directly on the stain, take a clean toothbrush (or something similar) and scrub in the soap. Let sit for about 20 minutes and then launder in the warmest water possible for your fabric.
Ink Stain
Ink removal from clothes can be a tricky task. First, place a paper towel underneath the garment to absorb the wet ink. Next, grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol from your medicine cabinet and depending on the size of the ink stain, dab it with either an alcohol-soaked cotton swab or cotton ball (Don’t rub!). Wash the garment as normal. 

Mud/Grass Stain
Oddly enough, let the mud dry if it’s still wet. This will prevent the mud from spreading to other areas of the garment and allow our job of stain removal to be focused in just one area. Next, brush off as much dry mud or grass as possible. (Whip out the handheld vacuum cleaner if you have one for some extra power!) Saturate the area with your favorite detergent, gently rub the detergent in a circular motion with a clean toothbrush and let sit for about 20 minutes. Launder as normal. Check the stain after washing to see if it lifted. If it didn’t, do not place in the dryer but instead repeat the above steps until effective. 

Remember Clean Wave® customers, delicate types of fabric such as rayon, silk, satin or velvet are not suited for home stain removal remedies and may require professional help. Have any other tricks to add to our stain remover tips list? Tell us in the comments! #ridetheWAVE

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