Common Holiday Stain Removal Tips

They don’t call it the “most wonderful time of the year” for nothing. The holidays are a magical time for loved ones to come together and appreciate life’s most important gifts, our family and friends. While we all gather in someone’s home feasting on delicious home-cooked meals and unwrapping gifts, there’s a something sinister happening in the background. That’s right, stains on mom’s new decorative tablecloth are forming and sappy pine needles from the Christmas tree are leaving a gift of their own on the carpet. Let’s keep the merry spirit though, shall we? Follow our Clean Wave® Laundry tips to easily remove holiday stains and messes from your home.

Holiday Stain #1: Pine Needles and Tree Sap on the Floor
If your Christmas tree is on hardwood flooring, the cleanup process is simple. Using a small broom and dust pan, sweep up all loose pine needles and dispose, being careful not to drop any on your way to the trash can. Wipe up any sap residue with a clean microfiber cloth, lightly dampened with water and rub the floor in circular motions. If the sappy pine needle mess is on carpet, first use a lint roller on the problem area to pick up all loose pine needles. Vacuum with care if needed but be mindful of possibly damaging your vacuum’s filter. Next, apply upholstery cleaner to the sticky situation and gently massage the solution with a clean cloth. If sticky residue remains, repeat the process.

Holiday Stain #2: Ham Glaze and Other Stains on Cloth Napkins/Table Linens
When the cloth napkins break out, you know you’re in for a special meal. Stains on cloth napkins and table linens, similar to other fabrics, can be treated with stain removal solutions you normally use on laundry. So when the unfortunate event of ham glaze dripping on the expensive cloth napkins occurs, don’t panic! If you can treat the stain right then and there, as Thoughts From The Wave always recommends, apply a stain removal spray to the area and let it sit. When the meal is over, remove the table linens and cloth napkins and apply grease-fighting dish soap to the grease-stained areas. Next, wash the items on the most gentle cycle possible using cold water on your next trip to Clean Wave® Laundry. Check to make sure the stains have lifted before putting them in the dryer. If they have not, repeat the cleaning process again, making sure to reapply your stain removal spray.  

Holiday Stain #3: Holiday Candle Wax Removal
The glow of candles appeals to everyone celebrating the holidays this time of year, from Christmas to Hanukkah to Kwanzaa. Though we enjoy their lovely glow, they sure do leave frustrating messes when the wax starts dripping on things. First step here is prevention. Place all candle pillars, if possible, on large heat-resistant plates to capture any hot dripping wax. If the dripping has already occurred on fabric or carpet, follow the steps above for cleaning up pine needle sap. Using your trusted upholstery or laundry stain removal spray, saturate the fabric and gentle rub out with a clean cloth. Repeat the process if necessary.

For a few other common holiday stain removal tips, including how to remove wine stains from the carpet, visit our Top Five Thanksgiving Stain Removal Tips Guide! We hope you enjoy a lovely holiday season with your friends and family. Thank you for being a Clean Wave® Laundry customer and don’t forget we are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 24 hours as normal. Happy Holidays!

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