It's Laundry Day!

Check out these tips before heading over to Clean Wave™, Fort Lauderdale’s new 24-Hour upscale laundromat located on the corner of Davie Blvd and SW 31st Avenue. Clean Wave® is Fort Lauderdale’s largest deluxe laundry offering signature Fluff & Fold drop off services and featuring a 100lb washer for some serious laundering!

Sort and Separate
Separate your laundry by dividing durable fabrics like, towels and linens, into one pile and delicate fabrics like, dress shirts and dress pants, into another. Next, sort by color- whites/lights in one pile and darker colors in another. Separating your laundry helps prevent color transferring between garments while in the wash. Note: If you plan on laundering in cold water only, you may combine light and dark color laundry together, so long as you still separate durable fabrics from delicate ones to prevent damage. Place your sorted piles into different laundry baskets and wheel them into Clean Wave® with one (or two!) of the many laundry carts waiting for you by the entrance.

Pretreat Stains
It’s best to treat stains at home before heading over to Clean Wave™ Laundry so the stain fighters can work their magic. Take a look at these powerful stain fighting techniques for common laundry stains like grease, mud and ink!

Bring the Entertainment
Who says doing the laundry has to be boring? With Clean Wave™ Laundry’s complimentary WiFi, three 60” flat screen TVs, phone charging station, colorful lounge tables and chairs and much more- your electronic devices are welcome! Stream music, catch up on your favorite TV show or finish up your school work on your laptop. And don’t worry, we’ve got your back with plenty of outlets to charge your devices.

Don’t Overload
Clean Wave® Laundry has Full Cycle Dryers to guarantee your laundry will dry on the first cycle- as long as you heed the designated maximum fill line marked on the dryer door. Obey this line and your clothes will come out completely dry, ready for you to neatly fold away at our folding stations.

Make It a Routine
Laundry doesn’t have to be a monumental task. Establishing a Laundry Day is good practice and helps keep it a routine to follow weekly. We understand busy schedules, that’s why Clean Wave® Laundry is open 24 Hours, seven days a week and 365 days a year for your convenience. #ridetheWAVE

Clean Wave®Laundry is located at 3101 Davie Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312