Clean Wave Laundry Runs Through Hurricane Preparedness Basics

Early Preparation is Key
South Florida is no stranger to hurricanes. After all, we are a peninsula surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Caribbean Sea to the south. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, with the peak occurring between mid-August and late October. Preparing for hurricane season before the season begins, especially before peak season hits, is always the best practice. Read on to discover the basic way all South Floridians should practice in order to be properly prepared.

Stock Up on the Necessities
Gather essential items necessary for your family, self, and pets. Purchase all necessary materials to protect your home including panel shutters or plywood if your home isn’t already equipped with impact glass or accordion shutters. Have an emergency kit that includes assorted lighting like flashlights for each person, extra batteries for the flashlights, candles, matches, and battery-operated lanterns, non-perishable food items for each person that will last at least three days, medications, toiletries and personal hygiene products, and a 14-day supply of water for drinking and bathing. Consider freezing plastic Ziploc bags and/or Tupperware full of water in your freezer and place in between food items to help preserve them in case the power goes out.

Prepare your Home
As mentioned, prep your home by securing all exposed windows that are not already impact resistant glass. This is done by purchasing plywood or using hurricane shutters to secure them. Bring in all backyard or patio furniture, potted plants, and loose items indoors to decrease flying debris. If in a flood zone, place sandbags outside by the entrances of your home. It’s recommended to unplug all appliances in your home as well in case of an electric surge. Be sure to listen to your local government and law enforcement- if it is determined your residence is in a zone where dangerous flooding can occur, head their warnings on whether or not to evacuate!

Make a Family Emergency Communication Plan
Power loss is more than likely during a hurricane. Determine a family emergency communication plan in case you are not able to ride out the storm together. Consider downloading communication apps on your mobile device like Zello, a walkie talkie type app. If cell phone towers are down, be sure to reach out to your family members right away once they are back up so everyone is accounted for.

Stay Safe
This should go without saying, but never exit your home during a hurricane. Strong winds can injure you and your home should you go outside during tropical-storm and hurricane force winds. Stay indoors until an all-clear is announced and winds have subsided. Even after winds have subsided, dangers still lurk. Downed power lines are not a good mix with standing water. Always be cautious and aware of your surroundings when exiting your home after the hurricane.

We hope these South Florida hurricane preparedness tips were helpful! Prepare and stay aware is a great motto to live by during hurricane season!

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