Keep your delicate and expensive clothing items clean and intact at Clean Wave Laundry®!

Properly caring for delicates shouldn’t intimidate you, in fact, it’s very simple if you follow these delicate laundry wash tips next time you’re at Clean Wave. So break out the undergarments, delicate blouses, and dress shirts and learn to care for your most precious pieces of clothing!

Utilize Laundry Bags
Laundering delicate clothing items inside of laundry bags help protect against nicks and snags while in the wash. Laundry bags provide a mesh barrier against zippers and buttons that may pull at the delicate items’ seams. Thin material clothing, especially undergarments and nightgowns, will greatly benefit from laundry bags to help keep their shape and prevent fabric stretching. You can purchase mesh laundry bags at your local grocery store for less than $5.00 and they are always available in a range of sizes. We recommend purchasing laundry bags with a zipper close instead of a drawstring close to avert accidental spillage of your delicates into the wash. Be sure to turn items inside out, fasten all buttons, and zip up zippers to avoid wear and tear. You can never be too safe, right?
Note: Another great use for laundry bags is with socks! Proven to be especially helpful for families, wash all socks in a laundry bag to keep them together. You may even keep the socks inside the laundry bag throughout the drying process. No more case of the lost sock!

Mild Laundry Detergent is your Friend
Your delicate fabrics call for careful precautions throughout the entire laundering process. Opt for unscented, clear laundry detergent instead of your regular go-to if it happens to be scented and colored. Some lines of laundry detergent like Woolite, All, and Tide, manufacture gentle dye and perfume free laundry detergent formulas specifically for this purpose. It’s a good idea to at least keep a small bottle of this type of detergent on-hand for when the delicate laundry day arrives. Delicate laundry detergent is formulated to provide a deep clean without stripping fabrics of their fragile color or damaging their structure.

It’s All about Gentle Cycles and Cold Water
One thing most people love about Clean Wave is the abundance of laundry machines! Clean Wave has 83 laundry machines for your use. On delicate laundry day, try one of our smaller-load machines, specifically, the 20-pound washing machines. This will prevent your delicates from sloshing around too much in a larger washer drum and will keep them more contained. Next, be sure to select the Delicates-Cold setting on the front of the machine. The delicate setting uses a slower spin speed and is the smart choice when laundering your expensive clothing! Remember, not all fabrics are created equal. Read all care instructions on the inside label of each item to be sure our delicate laundry wash tips will work for you. Some clothing items may need to be dry-cleaned only and immersing them in water will cause damage.  

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